Month: October 2016

Temperatures protection silicone

Silicone protects your car from temperature highs and lows

From sub-degree weather to tropical climates, we use our cars every day and we expect our cars to work no matter the temperature outside. However, have you ever stopped to think about the impact extreme temperatures can have on your...

/ October 24, 2016
Automotive industry assembly

Glossary: The ABCs of silicone sealants for industrial assemblies

Industrial and automotive assemblies must ensure tightness with air, cooling liquid,  lubricant, or simply water. Seals confine substances within a compartment and prevent them from mixing with other substances, thus ensuring retention and exclusion at the same time.

/ October 17, 2016
Manufacturing tires

Silicone: the road to perfect tire production in the automotive industry

Silicone-based process aids play a pivotal role in helping tire manufactures obtain ideal tire balance and sustainable quality. Overlooking the use of silicone process aids in tire production negatively impacts sustainable tire quality.

/ October 10, 2016
Deployed airbag

Silicone coatings: keeping performance in check, so airbags can save lives

Talk about a serious challenge. Airbags were indeed designed to save lives and limit the severity of injuries during a car crash, but exactly how do they fulfill this vital requirement? Silicone coatings actually play a significant role in optimal...

/ October 6, 2016
engine performance silicone

Rev up car engine performance with silicone

Find a car without silicone and that is the day when pigs fly. An unlikely feat indeed which goes to show that silicone is essential to the car manufacturing process, especially when it comes to building engines. Let’s take a...

/ October 3, 2016